Inconsiderate Neighbors


I have been having a bad neighbors reality for the past few months and it starting to piss me off.

I understand everybody gets an itch now and again but would it be too much to ask for them to turn down the volume once in a while? There are just somethings your neighbors don’t need to know about you. Still have no clue what am talking about?

Well, I believe that it is common courtesy that when you are engaging in your skin flicks addiction that you turn down the volume to a level only you can hear. Surround sound is not for this kind of things.

Okay, so am not entirely sure my neighbor is watching SkinMax Tv on full blast, but I will lie to myself that that’s what he’s doing cause the alternative I cannot handle.

Guess since am too much of a chicken to confront him, I will just have to get used to my trusty ear plugs.


Hump Day

Don’t know if I would have complained if it was Zac Efron? Who am I kidding, I would have!



Author: Cici

Am weird, but that just makes me entertaining...

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