Madonna in Kenya…


A week or so ago Madonna made her way to the land of beauty – Yeah, am still a little sensitive to being ranked the ugliest people in Africa – and wild beasts. Kenya the small country with a boatload of problems. She came on her humanitarian mission to raise awareness of charities and landed with the help of our beautiful First Lady Margret Kenyatta. The two went around the slum areas feeding the poor, cleaning up the sewage and you know all that goody stuff that make you look like mother Teresa. This, however, is not a post about the good they have done or disregarding the good things they did for that community but rather this one simple tweet…



So this isn’t the actual one that I wanted to post but its pretty close since I couldn’t find the original. AnyΒ  who, I don’t know if they were trying to imply we drink sewage water or what? But it could have been phrased better. Like I don’t know, don’t suggest that this is where we get our drinking water from. I get that our slum areas are not what you find in the states but its not like the colonies were here to better us, so we are a little behind. All am saying is we have tap water and we waste water in showers just like the rest of you.

If you are going to make a vague statement, do what I do and say this is just your stupid opinion and not something that has been researched and accepted. For what its worth some of the richest people in Kenya made their start in Kibera and some actually still live there. Kibera is separated into two the extremely wealthy, like say a former president’s apartment complex and the extremely poor, who are the people mostly exploited to show how we still leave in hovels.

Well, I feel relieved after getting that off my chest.

Happy Purple Monday. πŸ˜€


Purple Monday.

You just know something ticked me off and I have to share…


Author: Cici

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17 thoughts on “Madonna in Kenya…”

  1. Who ranked Kenyans as the ugliest!
    How can anyone rank an entire people as anything! Sounds completely inane.

    Madonna was only there to help and If you see her other pictures you can see how much she loves Africa and her people and when I see her pictures I am reminded of why I hAve always believed god lives in Africa πŸ’—

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      1. Ah no my friend you are not dumb for asking, my bad I really have to stop assuming everyone knows you are not the first to ask ~ Kiwi is what slang/pet name for someone who comes from New Zealand cos our national bird is a kiwi. I was born in SA but did most of my schooling in NZ πŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸŒ

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      2. Really! Wow well you’ll have get used to colloquial terms then I’ll take credit for introducing you to your first πŸ˜‰.
        In my heart NZ is the most dear place ~ rich in natural beauty, friendliest laid back people, very clean living, great fusion fresh food, sporty and its this amalgam of nationalities the only place where I’ve been where I’ve seen assimilation work.
        I haven’t lived there in 19 years I live in London now but I have family and friends there so I go back regularly and it is always a happy time of course I’m completely bias but in my time I have lived in SA, Aus and the UK so I have experienced other places to know that NZ is pretty unique. Can get cold though, to someone not used to it it can be hard to get used to.
        I look forward to hearing on Cici’s Rant if this eventuates, like anywhere it takes time to adjust to a new place but if you give yourself a chance you could end up having the time of your life πŸ˜„ πŸ‘πŸΌ

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      3. Well you’ve lived in a lot of places!

        You seem to have loved it so maybe I will too. I haven’t lived anywhere other than Kenya so am sure its going to be big change no matter where I end up.

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