Screenshot_2016-01-22-19-23-08-1Well, my name is Christine but I would love for people to call me Cici, hence the name. Am a very bored youngish person and with an extremely vivid imagination. I love vampires but am seriously scared of them, to the point that, I really don’t go out at night. I love cookies hence why my dentist loves me. I love cartoons, mostly cause I have the maturity of a toddler. Oh, before I forget, Β I love writing and since it seems I can’t finish a book, a blog was formed. I also think am funny-ish so be warned…

This will simply be a Β vent for every crazy, weird, uninformed and stupid thought I have in my head – which are kind of every thought in my head. Hope you enjoy Crazy.



21 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks Carlton!
      Weirdly, i just did a post with a reference to Fresh Prince of Belair. Two carltons in one day! Its like fate talking to you today. πŸ˜›


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