Tumultuous Relationship Age

Your 20’s will be filled with crazy, uncertainty, wildness and the best times of your life. If your 20’s sucked then you, my dear, did something wrong.  It should be the age where you have no idea if you are in a relationship, you are in love with at least 3 celebrities, and you have had at least one revenge against an ex.

Take me for example, am against everything relationships, but I still want to be in one at least for a while. Am in a maybe it’s a relationship but then again maybe it’s not. There was a point I had dates everyday with different people – okay that was because I was getting free food. But simply, all I mean is you should be confused with your relationships in your 20’s otherwise you are missing out.

It should be a time when you have considered crazy like stalking or committing a crime of passion,because of how unstable you are. Well, maybe that’s just me.jealous-girlfriend

So share with me your crazy 20’s am sure most of us at least have a crazy ex or is the crazy ex.

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Hump Day

Weird Facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.



Dating Advice: Shut Up!

I guess that goes without saying and this applies to both sexes but today am going to focus on men. Just cause I believe in gender equality. My words of wisdom today, “Sometimes, men, you really should just shut up, cause you sound a tad sexist”.

Why, you ask? A few days back, after a friend’s birthday party, where we behaved like idiots and  had a food fight, I helped with the cleaning though I despise cleaning with the might of the fires of Abaddon. Since am very vocal about my hate for cleaning one of my male friends turned and said to me, “And you expect to be someone’s wife one day?”

So am going to ask a pretty simple question, do all men believe their wives should be domestic goddesses in a french maid’s outfit? That only happens in your dreams and those nasty little sites you go to that you think we don’t know about. Apparently, since I was born with my genetic code having more xs’ am supposed to love domestic chores and do them with a smile. Please, my house, cause really when you get married the house becomes the wife’s – double standard, YES! – is going to be slob’s paradise if you don’t learn how to use a mop.

he can do it

Take caution when you say some stuff guys, it might be the last thing you ever say. Not cause we will kill you or anything that violent but cause that’s the last thing we’ll ever hear from you. Selective hearing is a thing of beauty. Best advice after the obvious, SHUT UP!, is lower your expectations. Women wear pants nowadays too.


Hump day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

Interviews are like First Dates…

If you are an adult or think yourself an adult or pretending to be an adult for other peoples sake – am the 3rd option, shhhh!!– then you have been to an interview and/or a first date. So this applies to pretty much everyone.

Interviews and dates are really just the same thing and how you handle them is exactly the same. Same stupid questions that you lie through your teeth to answer. It’s all about the little – eh nope, MAJOR – embellishments that make you look better than the competition.

Still don’t believe me, here are some characteristics of a first date and an interview.


Interview: Dress to impress in that one sole outfit you own that is corporate, stylish a little sexy but still decent, that you will never wear to work again.

First Date: Dress to impress in that one outfit that will say am amazing, not clingy, stylish and sexy but you can still take me to meet your family, that you will never wear to meet him again. Wow, that’s a lot of expectations for a dress. Jeez!!

Basically, you will want to dress in a way that say I don’t spend all day in sweats and a ratty t’shirt for both occasions.


The most stupidest question in the world is usually asked in these situations. You know the one, “So tell me about yourself?” Its like setting yourself up to be lied to.

Interviews: Your answer has to be short well thought out with a lot of words like organized, works well with others and generally BS that shows you are not a slob and you love everyone and everything. When in reality you actually watch YouTube videos during work hours, you hate people, and organized is a word you learned last night when googling interview answers.

First date: You answer should show you are not flighty but have a sense of humor, you are motivated and work hard to get what you have and want. Reality? You are inwardly hoping he will pay for the meal and possibly your cab fare. You would lose your phone if you weren’t always playing candy crash on it.  And the only person who thinks you are funny is your mum and Mrs. Pickles the cat.

Moral of this rant: In both situations embellishments are good, being yourself is bad.


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Happy New Year…

2016 is HERE!! WooHoo! Okay am I the only one excited? Well, I shouldn’t be cause according to my psychic this is the year of happiness,success and apparently relationships…Yeah am not so sure about that. But the best part about this year is that it’s just 6  days to my birthday.( excited little girl squeal)

Anyway that was just a reminder that I have started accepting gifts and I accept them year round. 😛

So people am wishing you all an amazing year filled with cookies,shoes and everything you enjoy.

Happy new Year.



Bad Decisions…

JORDAN COTTON - A 21-year-old man who had his girlfriendÕs name tattooed on the back of his neck found the relationship was less permanent than the ink. She dumped him and his solution to the problem caused a row which ended with him appearing in court.No words… Ok I lied, I have tons of opinion on why this is such a stupid idea, but I have to get to class. 😛

Hump Day…

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

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Poetry in Break-up lines

bs_aae772_2411899What should have been Wednesday’s post…

There is a certain art and poetry in breaking up. you have to read in between the lines…

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Hump Day…

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.