I kicked BUTT!!


Am back! Yes you heard it right I am back to my healthy self at least if you don’t count that am about 40% cake and junk food.  I have missed you people so much and it’s just been a few days! Thank you to everyone who wished me good health, I appreciate and love you this much…



(image; deviantart.com – KohakuKun, Google)

Weekend Update

Am hale again so I can post stupid things again 😛


The face in the mirror…

face in the mirror3.jpg

I don’t know if I would call myself a good friend.

Am selfish, stubborn, self-absorbed, unfeeling and a loner.

In my happy moments I despise company. In my bad moments am a monster.

I stow away in my room with a locked door and the minimum amount of light possible.

Not because am Gothic nor is it a lifestyle choice but rather what the light shows.

The veneer we put up for everyone, fades away in the light.

The light shows all the hateful things you hate about yourself.

That you wish you could change but somehow can’t.

Funny thing is, the darkness is worse at this than the light.

When you are alone, surrounded by nothing but quiet, your mind won’t shut up.

Images, of dreams, of hopes, of pain, of misery, of failure.

They find you.

Some things, Some things you can’t run away from, no matter how far or fast you run.

Your greatest enemy is always the face in the mirror.


(image: This one I have no clue, if I do I will update.)

Hump Day
Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.



Miss World: Blogger Edition


Everyday looking at my blog stats makes me feel like am an announcer for Miss World. This is one of the reason I love blogging so much. Since I don’t have the capital to go see every corner of this earth, this kinda caters to that part of my soul.

I always get that announcer voice in my head and start, USA, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Guatemala, Azerbaijan… First I didn’t even know Azerbaijan was a country, if I went back to high school I would totally ace geography class.

Well this is a thanks to all the amazing people who have made their way to my little corner of the net- I hope its corner office with a window and not my cluster-phobic cubicle at work – You all rock and it has been amazing making so many friends from continents away. I can’t wait to meet more and know all of you better. You all get the Miss World – even Mr World – Crown. I will not confuse the winner like some people…

(Image: dreamstime.com)


Purple Monday

Couldn’t be red, it’s Monday…


My belief was we would be here together,
Forever was a forgone conclusion,
Now am to say goodbye,
To moments too great to forget,
To days of joy and comfort,
Am to embrace the cold,
To say okay to the dark days ahead,
How am I to be okay with this?
The faces around me blur,
Black streaks of pain run down my face,
I stumble, I fall,
They lower you down,
I scream,
How can they not see?
The impossibility of living without you,
The hole inside me grows,
Swallows me whole,

(Image: Charcoal drawing by Kate Zambrano)


Hump Day

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

Happy New Year…

2016 is HERE!! WooHoo! Okay am I the only one excited? Well, I shouldn’t be cause according to my psychic this is the year of happiness,success and apparently relationships…Yeah am not so sure about that. But the best part about this year is that it’s just 6  days to my birthday.( excited little girl squeal)

Anyway that was just a reminder that I have started accepting gifts and I accept them year round. 😛

So people am wishing you all an amazing year filled with cookies,shoes and everything you enjoy.

Happy new Year.



A fairy lost…

I lost a dear friend today, one of my best friends from childhood. We met when we were 7 year old and bonded over pink everything and barbie everything. She was the best person I’ve ever met and the world just lost an amazing person. People will miss out on meeting her, hearing her amazing laugh, her awesome style, her huge personality in a tiny body, basically everything. Am not even sure what am writing but I had to share her with everyone, everyone needed to know her. To know the amazing person we loved, I loved. The person they have been cheated from knowing. Just, RIP my love, the angels in heaven needed you that’s why you left us. But you will never be forgotten in our hearts, in our lives, will always remember, my pink fairy. My Best Friend for Life.


forever posh