Kenyans: Ugliest People in Africa.

So am just finding this out right now. Apparently without my knowledge and that of many people in Kenya, we have been named – TWICE – the ugliest people in Africa. Excuse me a minute…


Where was I when this was being decided? My vote matters.

Let me just give you a peek at whats being said;

Women from the Kikuyu community have small legs, totally no figures, and a little
exaggerated heads. They lack good behinds and those who have them look like inflated
balloons.They are shaped like pyramids turned upside down.A big upper frame and an almost invisible lower bit.

Am Kikuyu – well half but lets not go there- so am flipping offended that am apparently am an over turned pyramid and have a small exaggerated head. What are we? Reverse bubble heads!!  Just to clarify I  am well proportionate with a normal head. Thank you very much!!

Just a glimpse at some Kenyans who are kicking ass in the beauty department:

None of these women have bleached their skin, FYI! So look for some other judgemental crap to pile on us!

So what do you think, are we the ugliest in Africa?


Purple Monday

I want to know what number South Africa was since it gave these results…





Arm Hair: To Shave or not to Shave



I was in a meeting at the office and I saw my forearm hair- not armpits but arm hair –  and  wondered should I shave them off? We wax and shave our legs so why not arm hair? I need advice on this, should I shave my arm hair? If yes, what method should I use? Waxing sounds painful! Even shaving is painful cause I always cut myself, those little cuts are worse than a knife wound.

A cartoon girl with a confused expression.

(Images:, – PS: that is not my arm)

Weekend Update

Might be shaving my hairy hands this weekend…

I kicked BUTT!!


Am back! Yes you heard it right I am back to my healthy self at least if you don’t count that am about 40% cake and junk food.  I have missed you people so much and it’s just been a few days! Thank you to everyone who wished me good health, I appreciate and love you this much…



(image; – KohakuKun, Google)

Weekend Update

Am hale again so I can post stupid things again 😛

Accidental Haitus…


I am dreadfully sorry to say this but am going to take a little break from my blog, probably wont last more than a few days, but it is what is. I think my perfect health streak is at an end since I feel awful! Like my body has turned against me!

I told you Mondays Suck. So this is just a see you when I finally kick my body into gear again…




RIP Joan Rivers

OMG! I just heard the news of Joan Rivers death…why? I thought she was getting better. Am just going to believe it was her time and she has happy where shes gone. The world just lost an amazing woman. Rest in peace Joan, you will be forever missed. . .and my condolences to her family, this is a sad day. #sad #joanrivers #crying

The house of pain and torture aka The Dentist.

Just got back from the dentist and it was HORRIBLE…I cant feel my lips. The worst part of being in a dentist office isn’t just being in that torture chair, its sitting at the waiting room. The noise from beyond the walls will scare you to death. So there I am, sitting, reading a magazine on cars, which is weird since why would a dentist’s office have a mag on cars, then all I hear is the buzzing and drilling noises from the Doc’s office. Am ready to run away but then I look towards the receptionist and she’s on facebook, while am there ready to curl into a ball cry for my mummy. It pissed me off. it would have been nice if she at least looked as freaked out a bit by the fact that someone was getting the jaws drilled. But I guess some people are heartless.

Then its my tun to got to the CHAIR and am scared out of my mind because all the stuff am seeing look like they belong to a serial killer. am sitting there shaking like a leaf and then all my fears are confirmed, she, the dentist, pulls out a huge needle it looks like something used in the 1800’s when they just discovered needles. am not proud to say this but i shed a tear when it went into my mouth. worst experience ever. worse than even when I walked around with my zipper open back in high school.

When i was done I didn’t want to look back but seems lucks not on my side I have to go back next week. All in all, I  did figure one thing out, how to conquer my fear of the dentist. It wouldn’t have been such an awful experience if you couldn’t hear or see what was going on. If I had put on headphones and and an eye mask I would have tolerated it better.