Get a horror movie diet…

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, everyone needs horror movies in their life. It teaches life skills like if you hear some noise downstairs don’t go looking for whatever is down there. Something will most definitely eat you, stab you or both. Just wait for morning. Don’t be stupid.


So one movie I recommend, 30 days of night. It stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. Is it a B-movie? Maybe, but its scary-ish, good for beginner horror movie enthusiasts-to-be. Favorite part, the survivors chop of the head of a little girl in pig tails with blood stains all over her. How awesome is that? – I might be in need therapy!

30 days of night is vampire movie, based in a small town in Alaska that experiences 30 days of darkness in a year. Difference between this year and the other years, vampires come to town and say hi, BLOODILY! They cut off the town from civilization outside, power and food supply. Then they feed. ๐Ÿ˜› Its not your ordinary vampire movie with hunky men without shirts, it’s bloody, dark and cold. Best features of any B-movie.

If you think you are a die hard horror movie buff, how about Wrong Turn? Those three boys are scary as shit! Scariest movie I’ve seen so far. One thing I never understood in Wrong Turn, why did they look so deformed?? Like Zombie Naked Man-Rats! It was just weird.


Last recommendation, SAW! Now that’s one move I only watched once. Scared me pale and am black I didn’t even think we could be pale!


This weekend how about a horror movie diet, I promise you won’t be disappointed. In addition how about some recommendations for me? I feel like I need a good scare fest tonight…


Weekend Update.

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I see dead people…

So I watched Jurassic World last weekend and extreme stupid people exist! After just 5 mins into the movie, in my head all i was hearing was the kid from The sixth sense saying,”I see dead people.”


When they introduced the creepy white dinosaur, I heard the Red Queen from resident evil saying,” You are all going to die down here”.


Basically the whole movie was a re-run of old movies in my head and comments like “stupid people”. Seriously you survive Jurassic park then you decide to make another park. STUPID PEOPLE!! And is it just me or are kids creepy!


Purple Monday.

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!

Jurassic world…

Ok for me when you say dinosaurs, I squeal in my little girl excited voice. So when they said they making another Jurassic park of course I had to watch it. Yes, I was late in watching since I watched it this weekend but still it was kinda awesome. However, I have some complains.

  1. Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, in the whole movie was in heels and didn’t even twist an ankle, at least get a black eye from falling or even lose a shoe. Unrealistic much!
  2. Who in their right mind will make a carnivorous animal that can camouflage? That thing will give me nightmares forever!
  3. And most serious OFFENSE, a whole movie with Chris Pratt in the jungle and he didn’t take his shirt off!! Poor disappointed ladies everywhere.

It had it’s strong points as well:

  1. Chris Pratt. No description necessary.
  2. A lot of people getting eaten.

Basically, it had the makings of an awesome movie and it did not disappoint!

7 deadly sins.

I have nothing to post on this but the pic was just awesome I had to post it. But if you have watched the series 7 deadly sins, I need insights on how it is so that I know if am going to watch it or not.


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend…

Friday the 13th… Horror Marathon

Paying tribute to Jason Voorhees, today we scare the crap out of ourselves by watching some classic horror movies.

1. Friday the 13th. (1980)

Dah! I had to add it. Psychotic killer on the loose is always fun plus its Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees always has my vote.

2. Halloween. (1978)

Killer kid grows up to be a psychotic stalker killer, of course we have to watch it.

3. Scream (1996)

So it wasn’t as scary as most horrors but it still makes my list cause there is a creepy psychotic killer in it.

4. The Ring (2002)

Killer video tape,ย  who saw that coming. That one scene where the ghost comes out of the tv, I was so sure it was coming out of my own TV.

5. The Omen (1976)

Death surrounds an ambassador and demon child is to blame. I always knew children were evil.

6. Nightmare on elm street. (2010)

I know there is the 1984 version but I still prefer this version. Death comes to you in dream land. I might have lost sleep after I watched this, but am still watching it tonight. ๐Ÿ˜€

Wells that’s my list, a lot of psychotic killers to make your Friday the 13th extremely creepy. You will be jumping at every sound all weekend (evil laugh). ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy Friday The 13th.


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend…

Horror movies are educational…

Most people do not understand why I love horror movies so much, my standard answer is usually that they are extremely educational. Why?Simple, horror movies have made me extremely paranoid to the point am almost sure my death will not be as a result an ax murderer. My paranoia has led to; I don’t go to investigate weird noises at night, ย if a weirdo calls my house and doesn’t talk, I hang up without insulting them, am nice to everyone just in case they have anger issues, I don’t go to ask for shelter/help/ or direction in creepy buildings (wrong turn), I don’t walk in small alleyways, I don’t go camping or hiking in forests ( this is mostly cause am a couch potato ๐Ÿ˜› ), also no ouija boards are allowed in my house. Anyway, these are just someย of the reasons why everyone should start watching horror movies, it might save your life.



Now this was an awesome series. The witches were evil, none of this goody goody witches. The effects were perfect and some of it was pretty disgusting, hence awesome. If you haven’t watched it and you like horror movies this is perfect for you. From the beginning to the end you will be hooked. The end is kinda similar to sleepy hollow since the bad guys win. But all in all I give it an 8/10 for the first season.