Cici Fact -The One


‘Cause I’ve had my heart
Broken before
And I promised I would never let me hurt anymore
But I tore down my walls
And opened my doors
And made room for one
So, baby, I’m yours

Alessia Cara

  “I’m Yours.”


Cici Fact

Happiness can  be attained after hurt.


Cici Fact – Love me stupid


You hit me once

I hit you back

You gave a kick

I gave a slap

You smashed a plate

Over my head

Then I set fire to our bed

“Kiss with a fist”

Florence + The Machine


Cici Fact

Ahh love….

Cici Fact – Hold That Thought

Just please don’t say you love me,

‘Cause I might not say it back.

Gabrielle Aplin.

“Please don’t say you love me”

People You Should Never Marry…

28-cupidAs a person who is kinda against marriage of course I have this list. If you are any of these people, no offense, it is just me an Jerry’s – my cricket adviser- stupid opinion.

  1. The lab technician you had to give you body fluids to for testing when you were sick. Medical procedures are not sexy. Two words, Explosive Diarrhea.
  2. Your gynecologist. Imagine after 30 years together, when you are old and – reality check – Saggy, he/she will be seeing younger women all the time. Plus, Viagra is cheap when your an old geezer and I don’t know what’s in the water nowadays but older men are HOT. You do not want to be caught up in such a situation.
  3. Your teacher. Do I have to explain this? He/She will always think they are smarter than you and that their job is way more important than yours, being that they mold young minds and all.[rolling my eyes – and I want to be a teacher 😛 ]
  4. Foreign exchange student/workmate. You just know they have a second family back in their home country.
  5. Well… Me! Hehehe! I have the attention span of gnat, am mildly disturbing, I talk to myself a lot, have imaginary pets and I made this list. Really, RUN! Cause am also addictive.

Well whaddya think? Do you have a list?



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Hump Day .

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

The face in the mirror…

face in the mirror3.jpg

I don’t know if I would call myself a good friend.

Am selfish, stubborn, self-absorbed, unfeeling and a loner.

In my happy moments I despise company. In my bad moments am a monster.

I stow away in my room with a locked door and the minimum amount of light possible.

Not because am Gothic nor is it a lifestyle choice but rather what the light shows.

The veneer we put up for everyone, fades away in the light.

The light shows all the hateful things you hate about yourself.

That you wish you could change but somehow can’t.

Funny thing is, the darkness is worse at this than the light.

When you are alone, surrounded by nothing but quiet, your mind won’t shut up.

Images, of dreams, of hopes, of pain, of misery, of failure.

They find you.

Some things, Some things you can’t run away from, no matter how far or fast you run.

Your greatest enemy is always the face in the mirror.


(image: This one I have no clue, if I do I will update.)

Hump Day
Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.



Cici Fact – Cheating


If my girl found out you was wearing her robe, I’ll probably go missing…


Trey Songz ft Mila J



Cici Facts

Truth by Cici Standards.