Love Triangle? The Worst Thing in Books!

If you were Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), would you really pick Peter (Josh Hutcherson) over Gale (Liam Hemsworth)? Am just saying its Liam freaking Hemsworth! In this realm of reality, where vanity is number one, Baby Thor wins!! The fact that she picked Peter over Gale was flipping annoying!

mgid ao image 112877.jpg

I hate love triangles cause the guy who I always back never wins. I was team Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Stupid Edward! I think I am one of the odd people who actually enjoyed Twilight, even the books!!!


They should have chosen a hotter than Liam person to play Peter. We are all vain in a way, even Katniss had the hots for Gale…


Hump Day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.


People You Should Never Marry…

28-cupidAs a person who is kinda against marriage of course I have this list. If you are any of these people, no offense, it is just me an Jerry’s – my cricket adviser- stupid opinion.

  1. The lab technician you had to give you body fluids to for testing when you were sick. Medical procedures are not sexy. Two words, Explosive Diarrhea.
  2. Your gynecologist. Imagine after 30 years together, when you are old and – reality check – Saggy, he/she will be seeing younger women all the time. Plus, Viagra is cheap when your an old geezer and I don’t know what’s in the water nowadays but older men are HOT. You do not want to be caught up in such a situation.
  3. Your teacher. Do I have to explain this? He/She will always think they are smarter than you and that their job is way more important than yours, being that they mold young minds and all.[rolling my eyes – and I want to be a teacher 😛 ]
  4. Foreign exchange student/workmate. You just know they have a second family back in their home country.
  5. Well… Me! Hehehe! I have the attention span of gnat, am mildly disturbing, I talk to myself a lot, have imaginary pets and I made this list. Really, RUN! Cause am also addictive.

Well whaddya think? Do you have a list?



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Hump Day .

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

I kicked BUTT!!


Am back! Yes you heard it right I am back to my healthy self at least if you don’t count that am about 40% cake and junk food.  I have missed you people so much and it’s just been a few days! Thank you to everyone who wished me good health, I appreciate and love you this much…



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Weekend Update

Am hale again so I can post stupid things again 😛


Am not sure why but I am always uninspired on Friday, BUT… Don’t fear I always have a contingency plan.

Enjoy some past Cici conspiracies…

Originally published on Cici’s Rant on 23rd February 2015.


Freaky world, Scared Cici.

The world is getting freakier everyday and me, myself and Jerry (the cricket in my head who advises me), are getting scared. Why its a scary world and you should probably not get out of bed;

  1. Baby boom. Over the past year from the celebrity world to my own personal piece of the world, babies have been everywhere. Its actually a conversation starter now, “Hello Cici, is that your baby?” No, that child standing beside me is not mine. He was there when I got here. Thank you!
  2. Conspiracy theorists aka Google. Not long ago there was the Chinese baby soup miracle virility cure. “PAUSE, Are you kidding me?”, asks Jerry. If you haven’t read the story, like Jerry, I won’t post a link cause all pics are seriously demented and not for persons under the age of 1000, you can just google Chinese baby soup. From baby boom to baby soup, am thinking maybe I need new search terms to avoid going nuts before am old and greying.
  3. Telenovelas. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen almost all of them. I get there are hot guys without shirts with awesome accents on the shows, but does that really require a daily following? WAIT!! Yes it does!! 😛 But am still not watching a Novela. (ahem, William Levy was in Novelas not so long ago and his hot, as proven here, Man Crush Monday.)

Before I bore you, am at the end, watch “This is the end” cause its an awesome movie and will color your Monday, Purple.


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Purple Monday…

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!

Have a nice weekend… Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Weekend Update

Messed up plans since 2014.



The face in the mirror…

face in the mirror3.jpg

I don’t know if I would call myself a good friend.

Am selfish, stubborn, self-absorbed, unfeeling and a loner.

In my happy moments I despise company. In my bad moments am a monster.

I stow away in my room with a locked door and the minimum amount of light possible.

Not because am Gothic nor is it a lifestyle choice but rather what the light shows.

The veneer we put up for everyone, fades away in the light.

The light shows all the hateful things you hate about yourself.

That you wish you could change but somehow can’t.

Funny thing is, the darkness is worse at this than the light.

When you are alone, surrounded by nothing but quiet, your mind won’t shut up.

Images, of dreams, of hopes, of pain, of misery, of failure.

They find you.

Some things, Some things you can’t run away from, no matter how far or fast you run.

Your greatest enemy is always the face in the mirror.


(image: This one I have no clue, if I do I will update.)

Hump Day
Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.



Cici Fact – Between ’em sheets


I like it a little rough, not too much but maybe just enough…

“Worth it”

Fifth Harmony ft Kid Ink

You know I like Fifth Harmony cause their videos are a buffet of abs…


Cici Facts

Truth by Cici Standards

Cici Fact – Cheating


If my girl found out you was wearing her robe, I’ll probably go missing…


Trey Songz ft Mila J



Cici Facts

Truth by Cici Standards.