Gigi Hadid Drinking Game.

If you have heard this song, “Calvin Harris & Disciples – How deep is your love” raise your hand…


If not,

YouTube comments are usually offensive and kinda sexist but for this video they were mostly funny if you exclude the pervy ones. Anyway, Gigi Hadid is featured in the video and she touches her hair like a million times. Thus bringing us to my fav comments;

“What a nice hair commercial.”

“If you take a shot every time Gigi touches her hair, you will be dead by minute 2.”

Y’all know what is coming next, who wants to try out this moderately insulting drinking game? Its just a day past St. Patricks Day and its the weekend. Let your hair down, we might even make our own hair commercial…

Weekend Update

Giving you messed up plans since 2014…


Blogger Block…

I have really thought about what to write today, but am stuck. I have blogger block. Is that a thing? Heck! Even am not sure. I thought about writing poetry, something sexy in line with valentines but am not in love or with anyone so am not inspired- singledom!. Thought about doing something dark, but am in a happy mood so again no inspiration. I can’t do happy either since I lack words to express such emotions since am too much emo for my own good. So in the end I couldn’t come up with anything. Now I have to apologize for everyone who read this, you just wasted your time reading nothing that will be beneficial to you. 😛 Hehe am kidding this is a request, give me something to write about, before I put up cat videos…



Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans since 2014.


Interviews are like First Dates…

If you are an adult or think yourself an adult or pretending to be an adult for other peoples sake – am the 3rd option, shhhh!!– then you have been to an interview and/or a first date. So this applies to pretty much everyone.

Interviews and dates are really just the same thing and how you handle them is exactly the same. Same stupid questions that you lie through your teeth to answer. It’s all about the little – eh nope, MAJOR – embellishments that make you look better than the competition.

Still don’t believe me, here are some characteristics of a first date and an interview.


Interview: Dress to impress in that one sole outfit you own that is corporate, stylish a little sexy but still decent, that you will never wear to work again.

First Date: Dress to impress in that one outfit that will say am amazing, not clingy, stylish and sexy but you can still take me to meet your family, that you will never wear to meet him again. Wow, that’s a lot of expectations for a dress. Jeez!!

Basically, you will want to dress in a way that say I don’t spend all day in sweats and a ratty t’shirt for both occasions.


The most stupidest question in the world is usually asked in these situations. You know the one, “So tell me about yourself?” Its like setting yourself up to be lied to.

Interviews: Your answer has to be short well thought out with a lot of words like organized, works well with others and generally BS that shows you are not a slob and you love everyone and everything. When in reality you actually watch YouTube videos during work hours, you hate people, and organized is a word you learned last night when googling interview answers.

First date: You answer should show you are not flighty but have a sense of humor, you are motivated and work hard to get what you have and want. Reality? You are inwardly hoping he will pay for the meal and possibly your cab fare. You would lose your phone if you weren’t always playing candy crash on it.  And the only person who thinks you are funny is your mum and Mrs. Pickles the cat.

Moral of this rant: In both situations embellishments are good, being yourself is bad.


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed plans since 2014.

Secrets of international toilets.

Australian toilets flush counter clockwise. Africa has probably the highest number of pit latrines. Japan, highest number of technological forward toilets. India needs more toilets. Kenya has something called flying toilets, which is pretty disgusting.


Cici Facts

Truth by Cici standards.

Cici Facts…

If I had only one helmet I would give it to you…

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis.


Now that’s love! 😉


Cici Facts.

Truth by Cici standards.

Bearer of bad news…

Valentines has been postponed due to high rate of single people so it will be on the 14th of March and we apologize for the inconvenience…

Please share this status to ensure everyone is aware.


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans for the weekend…