Am evolving into a girl!!!!

Ok, i am a girl, but this girly girl thing that is starting to happen with me, its annoying the crap out of me. Yesterday i spent half the night watching America’s got talent, British got talent and anything else i could find on you tube. And half that time i was crying my eyes out Because people are either talented or embarrassing themselves.

So why i ask, was I crying??? I need a shrink. Someone to tell me am going crazy and not evolving into a crying girly girl. And while am on the subject of America’s got talent, i missed the awesome 2012 season, and by awesome i mean Andrew De Leon. Who saw that coming?? Goth guy, awesome eyes by the way, has some great lungs. I  love opera as much as the other guy, probably a little more than everyone, but you have to give it up to him.

This year, i loved smoothini. the ghetto Houdini. Are you kidding me? now i want to learn magic cause that was amazing. Now that was talent!! check him out if you don’t know who am talking about.

Anyway, i ranted enough for now and i want a smoothie (smoothini = smoothie cravings). Later!!



hello internet!!

Welcome to what is going to be an awesome way to waste your time on the net but still enjoy yourself immensely. Here i will share my views on everything and anything i can think of. if you want me to give you my take on anything (am an awesome psyche doc, at least in my head i am 😛 ) please hit me up on either my email or on the comments section.

I will be posting everyday, cause everyday something or someone annoys me or makes me happy, and you my dear readers get to see what is on my mind. Also one of my passions is fashion so dress to the nines people, cause if i see you strutting your stuff on the streets i will definitely take notice and rant and rave about you right here.

for now my lovelies, am going to say revoir mes amis.



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