Ahh beauty…

I was reading a book blurb on Goodreads and my brain went into shock at this statement;

“a man who looks like Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello’s love child”

Just think, if such a person existed.

myth creature

Mind Blown!!!

jenna marbles

If science was to bestow this gift to mankind I think it could end wars at least among the female population. It would be two women fighting each other then bam! a photo of this personification of gorgeous and they bond over the masterpiece! Objectification is such a nice thing when its not happening to you 😛


Hump Day.

Just cause I could!


Khal Drogo was killed to early…

As an obsessive movie watcher, who is also a heterosexual female with eyes, I moan the fact that Khal Drogo was killed way to early in Game of Thrones. I was re-watching the series and I might have shed a tear or two for the loss of man candy on our beloved screens!! This little snippet into this belated moaning period was brought on by a picture of him I saw on goodreads! So thank you mysterious commentator for ruining my pancake filled evening…


Purple Monday…

Painting Monday blues, purple. Couldn’t be red, Its Monday!

(image: fineartamerica.com)