Ahh beauty…

I was reading a book blurb on Goodreads and my brain went into shock at this statement;

“a man who looks like Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello’s love child”

Just think, if such a person existed.

myth creature

Mind Blown!!!

jenna marbles

If science was to bestow this gift to mankind I think it could end wars at least among the female population. It would be two women fighting each other then bam! a photo of this personification of gorgeous and they bond over the masterpiece! Objectification is such a nice thing when its not happening to you 😛


Hump Day.

Just cause I could!


Can we get this past you?

mr bean smart

I like it  when I figure out things from movies that directors hide like the world SEX in lion king – I never actually saw this until YouTube – well let me blow your mind with what I figured out.

Have you watched A Million Ways To Die In The West?- Just a side bar, there really were a million and one ways to die in the west, scary times I tell you .


Anyway, when Albert Stark (Seth MacFarlane), is captured by the Indians before the main gun fight with Clinch (Liam Neeson) and they are kind of giving him advice in native Indian – I don’t know what there language is called *forgive me* – Albert says this line, “Shikilia tako” and its translated to, “Please untie me”. In reality “Shikilia tako” is a swahilli term that translates to “Hold ass”. HA!

Did I blow your mind? 😛 If not I found it hilarious so again, HA! Am not even sure if am right but you know what I will celebrate my self delusions, thank you very much!


Purple Monday

Couldn’t be red, it’s freaking Monday.

Inconsiderate Neighbors


I have been having a bad neighbors reality for the past few months and it starting to piss me off.

I understand everybody gets an itch now and again but would it be too much to ask for them to turn down the volume once in a while? There are just somethings your neighbors don’t need to know about you. Still have no clue what am talking about?

Well, I believe that it is common courtesy that when you are engaging in your skin flicks addiction that you turn down the volume to a level only you can hear. Surround sound is not for this kind of things.

Okay, so am not entirely sure my neighbor is watching SkinMax Tv on full blast, but I will lie to myself that that’s what he’s doing cause the alternative I cannot handle.

Guess since am too much of a chicken to confront him, I will just have to get used to my trusty ear plugs.


Hump Day

Don’t know if I would have complained if it was Zac Efron? Who am I kidding, I would have!


Thumbs Up Puberty!

I thought I would take this momentous occasion to enlighten us all in the miracles of puberty through our beloved cast of Harry Porter. Some of the male cast of HP were kinda nerdy and hadn’t grown into their prime  in the HP Franchaise but sheesh did puberty do some good for most of them. Therefore, today my MCM list is dedicated to the cast of Harry Porter.

  1. Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis.

You remember nerdy Neville, always trying to save Gryffindor points by standing up to Harry and the gang, well he ain’t so nerdy now and can probably beat up Harry and stop him from any mischief.


2. Lee Jordan aka Luke Youngblood.

One, how cool is his name, Youngblood! Ohh chills!  He hasn’t done anything as big as HP but he’s been appearing on a number of hit series such as Glee and Lie to Me. But we knew him best as the little announcer with dreadlocks from Gryffindor. I think he should play a vampire next he just suits!


3. Dean Thomas aka Alfred Enoch.

Yep, he might be the newest sensation in ABC’s How To Get With Away With Murder – Man, I love that show – but we knew him before as the adorable character Dean Thomas in Harry Porter.


4. Freddie Stroma aka Cormac McLaggen.

So I found him bit dushy in Harry Porter. He was extremely self assured that it came out a bit brash but he redeemed himself in other movies like Cinderella Story.  He was hot back then but he got hotter. Plus, his accent is HOT.


And so comes the end of my Man Candy Monday: Harry Porter style list. Hope it made your Monday as it did mine.

Have a great week ahead.


Purple Monday.

How sad would Monday be without MCM?


Love Triangle? The Worst Thing in Books!

If you were Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), would you really pick Peter (Josh Hutcherson) over Gale (Liam Hemsworth)? Am just saying its Liam freaking Hemsworth! In this realm of reality, where vanity is number one, Baby Thor wins!! The fact that she picked Peter over Gale was flipping annoying!

mgid ao image mtv.com 112877.jpg

I hate love triangles cause the guy who I always back never wins. I was team Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Stupid Edward! I think I am one of the odd people who actually enjoyed Twilight, even the books!!!


They should have chosen a hotter than Liam person to play Peter. We are all vain in a way, even Katniss had the hots for Gale…


Hump Day.

Weird facts you don’t want to know but I’ll tell you anyway.

Get a horror movie diet…

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, everyone needs horror movies in their life. It teaches life skills like if you hear some noise downstairs don’t go looking for whatever is down there. Something will most definitely eat you, stab you or both. Just wait for morning. Don’t be stupid.


So one movie I recommend, 30 days of night. It stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George. Is it a B-movie? Maybe, but its scary-ish, good for beginner horror movie enthusiasts-to-be. Favorite part, the survivors chop of the head of a little girl in pig tails with blood stains all over her. How awesome is that? – I might be in need therapy!

30 days of night is vampire movie, based in a small town in Alaska that experiences 30 days of darkness in a year. Difference between this year and the other years, vampires come to town and say hi, BLOODILY! They cut off the town from civilization outside, power and food supply. Then they feed. 😛 Its not your ordinary vampire movie with hunky men without shirts, it’s bloody, dark and cold. Best features of any B-movie.

If you think you are a die hard horror movie buff, how about Wrong Turn? Those three boys are scary as shit! Scariest movie I’ve seen so far. One thing I never understood in Wrong Turn, why did they look so deformed?? Like Zombie Naked Man-Rats! It was just weird.


Last recommendation, SAW! Now that’s one move I only watched once. Scared me pale and am black I didn’t even think we could be pale!


This weekend how about a horror movie diet, I promise you won’t be disappointed. In addition how about some recommendations for me? I feel like I need a good scare fest tonight…


Weekend Update.

Giving you messed up plans since 2014.